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Investment Overview

The Vermont Pension Investment Commission (VPIC) manages investments for the Vermont State Employees' Retirement System (VSERS), Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System (VSTRS), Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement Systems (VMERS), and the other public Vermont Retirement Systems, with integrity, prudence, and skill to meet or exceed the financial objectives of the beneficiaries of the funds. Commissioners are responsible for determining VPIC's overall investment management policies, which provide oversight of theĀ annual portfolio asset allocation and investment strategy development process, among others. The investment process is designed to assure that the VPIC investment portfolio reflects the characteristics of the pension liabilities, including plan funded status, plan cash flows, and the inherent mismatches between the investment assets and the plan liabilities. It attempts to strike a balance between the portfolio risks required to achieve the actuarial investment return assumption and the more conservative risk profile appropriate for an investment portfolio designed to make guaranteed pension payments.

The Commission makes available on the website holdings data, fund performance, investment strategy reports, and policy documents. If you require additional information regarding the investments of the pension fund assets please submit a Freedom of Information Act request. Details of this process are available on the website.